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17 Things You Can Expect from Waldman Plumbing and Heating, Inc. in The North Shore

When considering hiring a plumbing company, other companies may not take the time to explain what's going to happen during the course of your repair or project. In the interest of keeping our clients fully informed, we here at Waldman thought we'd take the opportunity to tell you a bit about what you can expect from our team:

  1. We'll go over the details of the actual installation with you before we start the work.
  2. We promise to respect your schedule. We realize that school, work, appointments and other important commitments require your full attention first thing in the morning. As such, we will not arrive at your home before 8AM.
  3. We will not make a lot of noise that might disturb your neighbors. We won't start unloading equipment and dropping it in the street. We won't shout at each other and we won't play loud music on the truck's radio.
  4. We keep our vehicles in top shape. You won't be hearing a loud muffler first thing in the morning. We'll be as quiet as can be. Promise!
  5. We won't park in your driveway without your permission. We recognize that your driveway is your personal space.
  6. We'll go above and beyond to keep your house neat and clean when we leave. We'll cover any areas with drop cloths to prevent any dirt, etc. from getting on your floors. If we have to carry out old equipment, we'll wrap it in plastic first to make sure no debris ends up on your floors. We will wear protective shoe covers to protect your floor when needed.
  7. We carry complete liability and comprehensive insurance coverage. If one of our employees is injured while on your property, it will not affect your homeowner's insurance policy. And should we accidentally damage your property (it hasn't happened yet!) we want you to know that our insurance will cover damages up to one million dollars! We are a responsible company.
  8. All our technicians have current professional licenses.
  9. We have a no-tobacco policy in our company. You can rest assured that none of our people will be smoking or chewing tobacco either in your home or anywhere on your property.
  10. We also have an alcohol-free policy in our company. None of our people will be drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverage during the day-whether they're in your home or away on a lunch break.
  11. We won't use your bathroom without your permission. This, too, we recognize as your personal space. Also, we will not use your hand towels.
  12. We plan each job carefully to ensure that your water, heat and electricity will be off for the shortest possible time. We recognize that no one likes to be inconvenienced and we'll plan accordingly.
  13. All of our trucks are equipped with two-way radios. If we need to reach someone, we'll use our radios, not your phone.
  14. We won't play music while on your job. We like to work as quietly as possible. If you have small children who take naps during the day, please let us know in the morning and we'll take care to be especially quiet during those times.
  15. We will not use foul language in your home. Even if we drop something heavy on our toes! We make it our policy to treat your family members with the same respect we would expect others to show our own.
  16. If you have a family pet, we promise to be very careful when we go back and forth to our truck.
  17. And when we're finished, we will:
  • Clean up thoroughly and to your satisfaction
  • Go over the job with you and make sure you're happy with our work
  • Take all our trash with us

We take great pride in our superior service and how our experienced technicians carry out their duties. We will do all we can to ensure that you are satisfied with everything we has have to offer and feel comfortable with our service and presence in your home.



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