Water Heater Maintenance

Basic Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Most of us lead very busy lives, and when it comes to home maintenance, we tend to think more about tune-ups for our heating system and water being wasted by dripping faucets, then we do about making sure our tank style water heater is running efficiently. Here’s a few simple maintenance tips that are not costly or too time consuming for the average homeowner.

Do you know what temperature your water heater is set at? The Dept. of Energy suggests a temperature of 120 degrees for the average home. Water heater manufacturers often ship their units with a setting of 140 degrees. You may save yourself some dollars by checking.

Your particular unit may have a gauge easily visible on the side of the tank, or it may have a cover that needs to be removed. If it is covered, unscrew it and use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the temperature setting. Then replace the cover. Easy enough?

A water heater produces hot water. So it makes sense that we want to keep that heat from escaping as much as possible. Pipe insulation can be added to the pipes, and water heater blankets can be found at most hardware stores. Just remember, do not cover any of the gaauges, valves, caps or covers so that you can still have easy access when you need it.

Temperature & Pressure (T&P) Valve
Your T&P valve is a safety feature that is built into your water heater and should be tested every year. It is located at the top or side of the unit and will have a discharge tube that runs down toward the base of the water heater.

Place a bucket under the discharge tube.Open the valve by lifting up on the valve. You may hear a hissing sound from the pressure being released. Hot water should drain down into the bucket. Hold this open for a few seconds, then release it. Did the water shut off correctly? Is it leaking?

Small Water Heater Flush
Empty the bucket you just used and then place it under the drain valve. You should find that near the bottom of the heater tank. Open the valve and run about 1-2 gallons of water into the bucket. Close the valve. Is the water cloudy or clear? If the water is not clear you should plan time for a more complete flush to remove sediment that may affect the life and efficiency of your water heater.

The easiest thing that any home owner can do is to make a regular visual inspection of their  water heater. Look for rusting or leaks that you didn’t notice before. They are warning signals that your water heater may need maintenance or is nearing the end of its usefulness.

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Lynn and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their water heater repair and installations. If you’d like help with your water heater maintenance, check out our coupons and then give us a call for an appointment.

How long will it take my water heater to heat up?

Have you ever ran out of hot water while in the shower? I bet that was not how you thought you were going to start your morning. A cold brisk shower may get your eyes wide open, but it may not put you in the best of mood to tackle your day.

If running out of hot water is a constant threat in your home, I’m sure you have often wondered just how long you will have to wait before feeling secure enough to take a nice long relaxing hot shower.

Electric Water Heater

We cannot live without electric … as least not comfortably. Unfortunately, an electric water heater will take up to 1 hour and 20 minutes to get your hot water tank to full capacity.

Gas Water Heater

Gas ranks first as an energy source for heating water. A gas water heater will have a full 40 gallon tank of hot water ready for you in 40 minutes or less.

Solar Water Heater

Go green with solar power! It will power that solar water heater, but will only heat it as quickly as electric normally would.

Tankless Water Heater

This is the perfect answer for some families, in order to help keep their households running smoothly. A tankless water heater heats the water as you need it. You won’t be waiting for a full tank to heat up before you can take your turn under the showerhead.

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Lynn, MA and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their water heater service and installation.

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How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

Water Heaters! We put them in a corner, decorate around them, hide them in the darkest sections of our homes. We truly do not give them the respect they deserve for providing hot water for our use at the drop of a hat. They are the forgotten appliance in our homes. … at least until they stop working correctly.

How long should it last?
The common tank-style water heater can be expected to last from 8 to 12 years. A more efficient tankless water heater can often times last up to 20 years.

How Can I find out how old it is?
Find the serial number of your water heater, it will begin with a letter and have a 2 digit number. The letter will tell you the month, the 2 digit number the year. A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, and continues on. B16 would translate to February 2016, C09 would mean March 2009.

When should a water heater be replaced
As your water heater nears the last 2 years of its expected life, it’s a good time to start planning when and with what type you are going to replace it. But if you notice any symptoms before that, you should certainly give us a call. An aging water heater can do more than just stop producing water, it can send leaking water into your house when you least expect it.

Failing Water heater symptoms
Odd Noises – Calcium can build up, harden and form a crust in your water heater. If you have hard water, this can be an especially common issue. That crust will cause your water heater to produce odd banging noises and send ot the alarm that it is time to be replaced.
Rusty Water – Do your own detective work before you call the plumber. Is only the hot water rusty, or is it affecting the cold water as well?
Performance – If you begin to notice that the water isn’t as hot or last as long as it once did, it may be trying to tell you that its age is catching up with it.
Leaking – If water leaks develop around the bottom, check to see if there is a loose connection or if its seems to be leaking from around the bottom. Don’t ignore it! If you can’t solve the leaking, give us a call!

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Lynn and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their water heater repair and installations. If you’d like to find out about the many choices available, check out our coupons and then give us a call for an appointment.

Is Your Home Baby & Puppy Proofed for Your Holiday Party in Lynn, MA?

It’s that time of year when holiday cheer encourages us to invite family and friends into our North Shore homes to celebrate. Make sure your home is prepared for curious little fingers and paws who are looking at your home from “the bottom floor”.

Take a moment and look around your home for any of these dangers:

  • Make sure your water heater is set to a safe temperature for small visitors. 120 degrees is the recommended temperature for households, according to the CDC (center for disease control).
  • Many of us have our bathroom and kitchen already childproofed with safety latches. But for those that haven’t needed to, take a look at what may be accessible to small children and their furry friends. Anything that could be harmful to them, move to higher ground.
  • We’re sure that if you have an outdoor pool, you’ve taken all the safety precautions to prevent accidental drowning. But according to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), toilets should also be given extra attention to prevent  toddlers from falliing in headfirst and drowning.
  • This time of year holiday plants add festive color to our homes. However, did you know that Poinsettia and mistletoe are poisonous to both dogs and cats. Be sure to move them out of reach to avoid a family tragedy.
  • Now that you have that Christmas tree decorated perfectly take another look and see what babies or puppies could reach from the ground. Breakable ornaments and strings of lights could be within their grasp … and don’t forget to move those edible treats of popcorn strings and candy canes.

Make sure your home is safe for “little” guests and the “big” guests will be able to enjoy their evening even more!

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Why is My Plumbing Making Loud Noises in Marblehead, MA?

Does your plumbing startle you at night by making sudden strange noises? Does it break the silence of the night with unexplained racket? Well for Halloween, our Marblehead plumbers wanted to shed some light on the plumbing noises that most commonly give people the creeps!

Noises Coming from Inside Your Water Heater

You may hear a popping or a rumbling sound. This typically means that your water heater tank has a buildup of sediment inside, which heats up releasing moisture into the surrounding water. When the sediment’s moisture is released, it makes a popping or rumbling sound. Should you be concerned? Yes. This sediment can cause your water heater to work inefficiently and to corrode over time. Call your local plumber to flush out your water heater.

A Banging Sound When You Run Water

You may have a certain plumbing pipe that bangs into its surroundings when you run water. Follow the noise to find the problem pipe and then insulate it so that it is cushioned from the materials nearby. If this doesn’t solve the issue, call in Waldman Plumbing for backup!

A Gurgle in Your Sink’s Drain

If the drain gurgles right after you flush a nearby toilet, your sink may not be vented properly. If the drain gurgles frequently and is slow to drain, it may be partially clogged, and you’ll need professional drain cleaning service. 

Our Marblehead and Boston plumbers are excellent at diagnosing plumbing issues and getting you the plumbing repair or plumbing service that will solve your plumbing problem. Give Waldman Plumbing a call for all your creepy plumbing noises and other plumbing troubles!