How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

Water Heaters! We put them in a corner, decorate around them, hide them in the darkest sections of our homes. We truly do not give them the respect they deserve for providing hot water for our use at the drop of a hat. They are the forgotten appliance in our homes. … at least until they stop working correctly.

How long should it last?
The common tank-style water heater can be expected to last from 8 to 12 years. A more efficient tankless water heater can often times last up to 20 years.

How Can I find out how old it is?
Find the serial number of your water heater, it will begin with a letter and have a 2 digit number. The letter will tell you the month, the 2 digit number the year. A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, and continues on. B16 would translate to February 2016, C09 would mean March 2009.

When should a water heater be replaced
As your water heater nears the last 2 years of its expected life, it’s a good time to start planning when and with what type you are going to replace it. But if you notice any symptoms before that, you should certainly give us a call. An aging water heater can do more than just stop producing water, it can send leaking water into your house when you least expect it.

Failing Water heater symptoms
Odd Noises – Calcium can build up, harden and form a crust in your water heater. If you have hard water, this can be an especially common issue. That crust will cause your water heater to produce odd banging noises and send ot the alarm that it is time to be replaced.
Rusty Water – Do your own detective work before you call the plumber. Is only the hot water rusty, or is it affecting the cold water as well?
Performance – If you begin to notice that the water isn’t as hot or last as long as it once did, it may be trying to tell you that its age is catching up with it.
Leaking – If water leaks develop around the bottom, check to see if there is a loose connection or if its seems to be leaking from around the bottom. Don’t ignore it! If you can’t solve the leaking, give us a call!

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Lynn and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their water heater repair and installations. If you’d like to find out about the many choices available, check out our coupons and then give us a call for an appointment.

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