Why is My Plumbing Making Loud Noises in Marblehead, MA?

Does your plumbing startle you at night by making sudden strange noises? Does it break the silence of the night with unexplained racket? Well for Halloween, our Marblehead plumbers wanted to shed some light on the plumbing noises that most commonly give people the creeps!

Noises Coming from Inside Your Water Heater

You may hear a popping or a rumbling sound. This typically means that your water heater tank has a buildup of sediment inside, which heats up releasing moisture into the surrounding water. When the sediment’s moisture is released, it makes a popping or rumbling sound. Should you be concerned? Yes. This sediment can cause your water heater to work inefficiently and to corrode over time. Call your local plumber to flush out your water heater.

A Banging Sound When You Run Water

You may have a certain plumbing pipe that bangs into its surroundings when you run water. Follow the noise to find the problem pipe and then insulate it so that it is cushioned from the materials nearby. If this doesn’t solve the issue, call in Waldman Plumbing for backup!

A Gurgle in Your Sink’s Drain

If the drain gurgles right after you flush a nearby toilet, your sink may not be vented properly. If the drain gurgles frequently and is slow to drain, it may be partially clogged, and you’ll need professional drain cleaning service. 

Our Marblehead and Boston plumbers are excellent at diagnosing plumbing issues and getting you the plumbing repair or plumbing service that will solve your plumbing problem. Give Waldman Plumbing a call for all your creepy plumbing noises and other plumbing troubles!

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