Why isn’t my furnace turning on?

Did you decide to take the chill off your North Shore home a few nights ago? If your furnace didn’t start for you, it is always better to know that before cold weather sets in. Here’s a few things to check before giving your local HVAC professional a call.


Yes, we know the thermostat is a pretty obvious thing to check, but never overlook even the simplest solution to what could be a major headache. As thermostats become more advanced in what they can do, they also become more of a priority to keep in good working condition. Make sure they have the power they need to function properly.

Circuit Breaker

Your heating doesn’t have to be powered solely by electricity to be at the whim of your circuit breaker box. Even gas and propane furnaces need electricity in order to operate. Checking the circuit breaker is another one of those simple solutions that should be checked.

Pilot Light

Older furnaces, and even some of the newer models, rely on a pilot light that could go out. If that happens, the safety feature on the furnace would keep it from turning on. If you don’t know if your furnace has a pilot light that can be checked, reach for your manual and take a quick look.


If you have a gas or propane furnace, check other appliances that use that same energy source. If they are working, then you know your service has not been interrupted. If you smell gas while checking on the status of your furnace, go outside and call for emergency service. All gas leaks should be taken seriously!

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