How to do I unblock a sink trap?

Today most sinks have a pipe underneath that have a “U” shape called a sink trap. That is an important part of the pipe running from your sink. It has two important jobs.

1. To trap debris  coming from your drain. It is much easier to deal with a clog under your sink, then further down the plumbing system.

2. A sink trap keeps filled with water in order to form a seal against sewer gas. I don’t think any of us want to smell that coming up from our sink.

Checking the Sink Trap

A plugged drain can be caused by many things. And if  the sink trap is next on your list to check, here’s a few steps to help you unblock it. You will need a few things before you get started:

  • Bucket
  • Cleaning brush that will fit inside the pipe
  • Clothing suitable for sitting under your sink.

First, have your bucket underneath the sink trap.  Then after you are sitting as comfortably as possible under your sink, begin to loosen that part of the pipe. Be prepared for water  and debris to make this a dirty job.

Use the brush to check for any blockages inside the pipe. Hopefully you’ll be able to solve the problem. Once you’ve done all you can from that part of the pipe, return the sink trap to its original position.

Now, test your work and see if that has solved the problem by running the water. Is it flowing freely down the drain now, or is there still a clog somewhere in the system? If your sink still begins to fill up, you may need professional assistance. Give us a call and we’ll get your drains running smoothly again.

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