Do You Have Water Odors Caused By Your Plumbing in the North Shore or Reading?

Portrait of a pretty girl holding two glasses with clean water iDoes your water smell foul? Maybe like rotten eggs? While smelly water might not be physically harmful, it can prevent you from enjoying a tall glass of water or a warm, cleansing shower. Don’t put up with unpleasant water odors another day. It’s time to find out if your home’s plumbing could be causing the issue.

Common Causes of Water Odors in the North Shore & Reading, MA

Water Heaters – The warm environment inside your water heater’s tank could be the perfect breeding ground for sulfur bacteria. To find out if your water heater is the cause of your smelly water, pour a glass of cold and a glass of hot water. Step away from the sink and take a whiff of each glass of water. If you determine that only the hot water has the odor, then your water heater is probably the culprit. There are a few actions you can take including having your local plumber replace your water heater’s magnesium rod, flushing and disinfecting your water heater, or raising the temperature of your water heater temporarily to 160 degrees F to kill the bacteria.

Water Softeners – Like water heaters, water softeners can also suffer from bacteria growth. You can smell the water that comes from your plumbing fixtures that use your water softener and compare it to the water that comes from fixtures that do not. If only your softened water has the odor, it’s time to flush out, clean, and sanitize your water softener.

Drains – Many times people think that their water smells when really the odor is exuding from their drains. If you can take glasses of warm, cold and softened water away from your sinks, and suddenly the water doesn’t smell anymore, then chances are your drains have buildup in them that is causing bacteria to grow. You’ll need to flush and disinfect your drains to put a stop to the bacteria growth.

Our North Shore and Reading plumbers hope that this information will help you find the root cause of unpleasant water odors. Do you want to take it a step further and get healthier, better-tasting water for your household? Consider installing a water filtration system from Waldman Plumbing!


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