Oil to Gas Conversion

It is a Good Idea to Switch from Oil to Natural Gas?

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Reduced Heating Costs

There are 2 main ways that switching from oil to natural gas should save you money. Natural gas is generally a cheaper fuel source. Natural gas is a more efficient energy source.


Natural gas users enjoy the flexibility that oil users cannot offer. Have you thought about cooking on a gas stove or installing a gas fireplace? Perhaps you’d like to use natural gas to heat your swimming pool. Natural gas will give you many options to use in your home that fuel oil does not.

Go Green

Natural gas burns cleaner than oil, reducing carbon dioxide by up to 40% and sulfur dioxide by 99.9%.
Is it Time?

If you are considering updating your heating system, now is the time to decide. Switching from oil to natural gas does require an investment. But future savings and comfort should return that investment over time and then begin to save you money as a bonus. We can assess your unique situation and energy usage to show you if switching from oil to gas will be worth the expense.

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Swampscott and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their heating system repairs and installations. If you’d like to find out about the many choices available, check out our coupons and then give us a call for an appointment.



How to Tell if My Home is Eligible for Oil to Gas Conversion in Marblehead, MA

Are you thinking about replacing your current oil heating system with a gas heating system? You may have been considering this for some time. Hopefully our blog post: “Top 5 Questions About Oil to Gas Conversion in Marblehead, MA” was able to answer a few of the questions you had in making your decision to go forward.

Oil to gas conversion is a big step, so we’ve outlined the next 5 steps for you to consider:

1. Is natural gas readily available in your area? Confirming that natural gas is available for your Marblehead home is probably the first thing you want to have Waldman Plumbing confirm.
2. Are you ready to spend money to save even more? The old adage “it takes money to make money” holds true here. But in the long run, the savings and convenience will be well worth it.
3. Is time a factor? Waldman Plumbing will schedule a day and time at your convenience to go over the costs and benefits of converting.
4. Are you concerned about the environmental impact? If you are, then making the move is a great decision. Natural gas burns cleaner and is more efficient than heating oil.
5. Do you want a more versatile heating fuel? Natural gas is piped directly to your home. No longer will you have to schedule an oil delivery. You should also have less costs maintaining the equipment that typically is associated with the use of heating oil.

Still not sure? Click here to read our post “5 Disadvantages of Having an Oil Furnace in Marblehead, MA” to help you decide … and then give Waldman Plumbing and Heating a call.

We can confirm if your Marblehead home is eligible for conversion and try to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Make sure to check out our money-saving coupons when you call to make an appointment.


Top 5 Questions About Oil to Gas Conversion in Marblehead, MA

As heating season rapidly approaches, oil to gas conversion might be on your mind. Although heating oil was once a popular fuel here in the Northeast and some homes still rely on it, many households have relied on Waldman Plumbing and Heating to help them make the switch to natural gas.

At Waldman Plumbing and Heating, we understand that oil to gas conversion in Marblehead, MA is a big step, and that you might have several questions about the process. Our experienced HVAC professionals are here to provide answers and solutions to all of your questions about making the switch to a natural gas furnace!

Here are answers to five of the most common questions about oil to gas conversion!

  1. What are the benefits of oil to gas conversion? The benefits of oil to gas conversion are many, and include cost savings, convenience, and versatility. Natural gas is also a more sustainable heating fuel which makes it better for the environment.
  2. How safe is it? Natural gas furnaces are incredibly safe and convenient. Gas supplied as needed via underground pipelines, which means you won’t ever have to worry about the threat of oil spills or leaks. Regular maintenance will keep your natural gas furnace running safely!
  3. What about installation costs? Oil to gas conversion costs vary significantly and are different for each conversion, with some being more or less than others. The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much oil to gas conversion will cost you is to call us! With the annual, long term energy savings of oil to gas conversion, you can quickly recoup your original investment.
  4. What about the environmental impact? Natural gas is a more efficient and cleaning burning fuel than oil, which it makes it the more environmentally sustainable choice. Natural gas releases 30% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to heating oil!
  5. Is my home eligible for oil to gas conversion? Waldman Plumbing and Heating can help you determine if your home is eligible for oil to gas conversion. From determining how close your home is to gas supply lines to evaluating your home’s current heating configuration, our friendly HVAC contractors will be there for you every step of the way.

Still got questions about making the switch to natural gas? Waldman Plumbing and Heating has answers! We make the conversion process easier than ever. Call us today to learn more about oil to gas conversion in Marblehead, MA and start experiencing the benefits for yourself!

5 Disadvantages of Having an Oil Furnace in Marblehead, MA

Here in the Northeast, winters are known for being especially cold and harsh. This made heating oil a popular choice for combating frigid temperatures, but newer and more efficient fuel options have rendered oil furnaces all but unnecessary. Oil furnaces may have had their advantages at one point in time, but natural gas furnaces are now the heating option of choice.

If your home still has an oil furnace, now is a great time for a Marblehead, MA oil to gas conversion by Waldman Plumbing and Heating before the heating season arrives. The disadvantages of heating oil outweigh the advantages, and making the switch to natural gas with Waldman Plumbing and Heating will allow you to stay warm and save money while doing so!

Here are five reasons why having an oil furnace in Marblehead, MA is a disadvantage.

  • The price isn’t right With heating oil being far more expensive than natural gas, cost is a major downside of having an oil furnace. Even when the price of heating oil drops, natural gas is still by far the more affordable heating fuel. The maintenance costs of oil furnaces tend to exceed those of natural gas, and with an average lifespan of between 10 to 20 years, you could be paying the high costs of maintaining an oil furnace for years to come!
  • Make room Oil furnaces and their accompanying oil tanks take up a lot of space. This can be impractical if you rely on your basement for storage, as the size of the bulky storage tank will take some valuable space.
  • Environmentally unfriendly Oil furnaces are notorious for the toll they take on the environment, and are not known for being especially fuel efficient. Though new models have features to aid in improving efficiency, natural gas furnaces are still by far the more sustainable choice. Also, heating oil emissions contain greenhouse gases that may contribute to global warming.
  • More safety risks than rewards Not only can an oil tank leak and pose an environmental hazard, but oil furnaces also produce toxic carbon monoxide gas. A poorly maintained oil furnace can allow this odorless and potentially deadly gas to seep back into your home instead of being ventilated outside.
  • The inconvenience of refueling Unlike natural gas furnaces that are fed by pipelines, heating oil tanks have to be refueled in order to keep a supply on hand. This requires a certain amount of diligence in order to ensure there’s always enough and can be a real hassle. And running out of heating oil during the colder months is truly a chilling thought!

Making the switch to natural gas in the Boston area has never been easier thanks to Waldman Plumbing and Heating. To start experiencing the benefits of having a natural gas furnace in Marblehead, MA, call Waldman Plumbing and Heating to schedule service!

Top 5 Ways to Use Natural Gas in Your Marblehead, MA Home Other Than Heating

When most people think of oil to gas conversion, heating their homes is the first thing that comes to mind. And while efficiently heating a home is one of the greatest benefits of oil to gas conversion, having a natural gas furnace also provides a number of other advantages, many of which can be enjoyed year round.

At Waldman Plumbing and Heating, we understand how much of an asset it is to have a natural gas furnace here in the Northeast. We want our customers to get the most out of oil to gas conversion in Marblehead, MA by experiencing the versatility of natural gas. Not only is it a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable fuel than oil, but it’s also more flexible in how it can be used.

Here are five additional benefits to having a natural gas furnace in Marblehead, MA.

  • Dry clothes Did you know that gas clothes dryers are up to 50% more efficient than electric models? You can dry two loads of laundry in a gas dryer for the same price of a single load in an electric one! Gas dryers also dry laundry faster, which is perfect for busy households.
  • Heat water Gas water heaters are more economical and efficient compared to electric models. And with the price of natural gas being less than electricity, it’s easy to see how much you stand to save on your home energy bill when it comes to hot water use. Gas water heaters also heat water faster than their electric counterparts!
  • Indoor fireplace Everyone loves relaxing in front of a fire, but wood fireplaces can be a real hassle. Between collecting firewood, sparks, and cleaning ashes, there’s a lot of work involved. On the other hand, natural gas fireplaces are an efficient and hassle free alternative. Not only do you have more control over the flame, but there’s no mess!
  • Air conditioner Although natural gas is traditionally used to heat homes, gas-powered air conditioning systems are also available. While they might be more expensive upfront, they’re operating costs are typically lower than electric AC units and their energy savings quickly make up for the investment. With a gas AC unit, your house can stay cool in the event of an electrical power outage!
  • Cook meals Many home and professional chefs prefer to use gas stoves compared to electric ones since they provide better temperature control. In addition to greater control, gas stoves are also more energy efficient than electric models. And since many new models of gas stoves use electric ignition instead of having a pilot light, they’re even more energy efficient!

When it comes to heating and powering your home, natural gas is the natural choice! To start experiencing all the benefits of oil to gas conversion in Marblehead, MA, call the experts at Waldman Plumbing and Heating!

The Top 5 Reasons to Make the Switch From Oil to Gas in Marblehead, MA

Although summer is in full swing, now is a great time to begin thinking about converting your home’s old oil heating system to natural gas heating. When it comes to oil to gas conversion, homeowners have a lot to consider in terms of cost savings, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

You can trust the experts at Waldman Plumbing and Heating to have the solutions to your questions and concerns about natural gas heating in Marblehead, MA. Our oil to gas conversion services in Marblehead, MA makes converting your oil heating system to natural gas easy and hassle free. Our experienced and professional technicians can assess your home energy use to determine if making the switch is right for you.

Here are the top 5 benefits of oil to gas conversion in Marblehead, MA and the North Shore.

1. Cost savings The cost of heating oil continues to rise, with average prices hovering between $2 and $3 per gallon or more according to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. Heating oil costs will only increase, while the cost of natural gas is comparably lower and is often half the cost of oil or less. Gas furnaces are also known for their high efficiency, which saves money on home heating costs.

2. Availability Although many older homes in the Northeast and beyond use oil as heating fuel, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reveals that only 10% of homes nationwide rely on heating oil. Part of the reason why natural gas is less expensive than heating oil is that it’s widely available, especially in the Northeast where over 20 interstate gas pipelines supply the area, according to the EIA.

3. Increased flexibility Not only can natural gas be used for heating, but it can also be used for powering gas stoves and clothes dryers. After a home is plumbed for natural gas, homeowners can then replace less efficient electric appliances with gas ones to save even more on utility costs.

4. Environmentally friendly Because natural gas is clean burning, it releases a lot less carbon and other pollutants into the environment than combustible fossil fuels such as heating oil. Natural gas releases 30% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than heating oil and burning it doesn’t release mercury into the atmosphere whereas heating oil does.

5. Convenience and safety Unlike heating oil, natural gas is conveniently delivered to a home through an underground supply pipeline and is always readily available when needed. Without storage tanks to fuss around with, homeowners don’t have to worry about leaks, spills, and refills.

There’s no better time than now to consider oil to gas conversion in Marblehead, MA, and in many cases, the cost of conversion can be recovered in as little as two years! For more information about making the switch, call Waldman Plumbing and Heating today!

Oil to Gas Conversions Booming in Popularity

Switching your home’s energy usage from oil to gas comes with a variety of benefits. Not only will this conversion save you money, but an oil to gas conversion is also better for the environment. At Waldman Plumbing, we’ve noticed our conversion services have been in high demand, and it may be due to an increasing trend all over the country.

Reasons Why the U.S. is Switching to Gas

Natural gas production has been growing in abundance in the U.S., making oil to gas conversion a popular choice for homeowners all over the country. Since 2005, natural gas production has increased, and America’s natural gas reserves have almost doubled since 1999.

In addition to this growth in production, many homeowners are making the switch to natural gas because of the recent surge in oil prices. Due to this increase in oil prices, homeowners that have an oil to gas conversion done find that heating their home with natural gas costs almost half as much as using oil heat. The U.S. Energy Information Administration states that the number of households in the country using oil to heat their homes has dropped from 8.4 million to 6.9 million in just the past five years.

Make the Switch Today

Don’t wait any longer to join the ranks of the many other households in the country that have switched over to gas, and have your home converted from oil to gas by us at Waldman Plumbing. We are a Lynnfield plumbing maintenance company that can do the job easily and affordably. To schedule a conversion, contact us at 781-780-3184.

Source:  USA Today, “Three Reasons Why America is Using Less Oil,” Adam Levine-Weinberg, Nov. 11, 2013.

Oil to Gas Conversion Saves You Money

There are a number of benefits for homeowners who are considering an oil to gas conversion for their heating needs. At Waldman Plumbing, we have seen the benefits that homeowners experience when they make the switch to natural gas. Among the benefits that our customers experience include:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatility
  • No odors or soot

Gas is a much more versatile fuel, as it can be used to heat just about anything in your home, and it does so cleanly, and very safely. Because it burns so much cleaner than oil, it is therefore better for the environment and does not need nearly as much maintenance.

Simple Installation Brings Savings

The process involved with an oil to gas conversion is very simple for us to complete, as we have done a number of these installations before and are properly licensed to do so. We will take care of your job quickly, and with a minimum of disruption to your daily routine. In addition, with the price of oil constantly going up, you can save a great deal of money as the price of natural gas is roughly 50 percent less, a gap that will very likely continue to widen as the price of oil continues to rise.

If you are considering an oil to gas conversion, please call the experienced Lynnfield plumbers at Waldman Plumbing at 781-780-3184. We can give you an estimate and help you determine just how much the conversion will save you, both in the short-term and in the long-term. Contact us today.

Why You Should Switch to Natural Gas

When it comes to heating a home and powering major appliances, gas is an energy source that is hard to beat due to its many advantages over oil. Homeowners currently using oil may want to consider oil-to-gas conversions as soon as the system needs replacement. The following facts will show you exactly why you should make the switch to gas for your home’s mechanical equipment.

  • Gas is a versatile energy source. It can be used to power furnaces, hot water tanks, clothes dryers, ovens, swimming pools, and many other systems within your home. Oil, on the other hand, cannot be used to power such appliances and is generally only good for heating air and water.
  • The maintenance costs associated with gas are lower than that of oil.
  • Gas-powered furnaces and water tanks are considerably less expensive to purchase and maintain compared to oil powered systems. These systems also have a longer life expectancy, reducing replacement costs and upkeep as well.
  • Gas is produced within the United States and its use for power reduces dependence on foreign oil. It also provides many American jobs, which helps boost our economy.
  • Gas is more environmentally friendly than oil. It burns cleaner and does not have to be transported as far to get to the location where it is used. An oil leak is a serious environmental event that can contaminate the surrounding area for many years.
  • Using gas within the home means better indoor air quality. It burns clean, with no soot, particulates, or odors when the system operates properly.
  • Gas is more economical than oil. Many homeowners see their utility bills decrease by 30% or more each month after they convert to gas.

At Waldman Plumbing and Heating, our fully licensed Boxford plumbers are certified to perform natural gas installations. Our team of plumbing experts works with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness to ensure the safety and well-being of your home and family.

For more information about converting oil systems to natural gas, call us today at (781) 780-3184.

Oil to Gas Conversion from Reading MA Heating Service

Fuel oil in Massachusetts is high and cost-cutting energy saving processes can be beneficial to your wallet and the environment around you. An eco-friendly oil to gas conversion for your heating system is a specialty at Waldman Plumbing and Heating and our Reading MA heating experts are highly skilled in both burner replacement and gas furnace installation.

Oil to gas conversion of your heating system can greatly reduce environmental pollution as well as reduce regular cleaning maintenance on your furnace. Carbon monoxide emissions are significantly lower than oil furnaces and natural gas burns cleaner than oil used for fuel. Waldman Plumbing and Heating can also perform carbon monoxide testing to show you the lower footprint made after oil to gas furnace conversion.

Our heating service in Reading MA will work with you to determine the most cost effective oil to gas conversion for your home. Burner replacement may be all your home needs to run more efficiently, but often new gas furnace installation is required to get the most energy efficient and cost effective solution installed in your Reading residence.

Natural gas home conversion will not only provide an effective solution for heating your home but can also upgrade efficiency in your kitchen, laundry room, and outdoor pools or hot tubs. Adding natural gas to your property is adding value to your property while saving money and the environment. Oil to gas conversion is an investment in value and the future of cleaner fuel.

Our Reading MA oil to gas conversion experts at Waldman Plumbing and Heating can help you with gas furnace installation or burner replacement to upgrade your home for the environment and long-term savings. Visit our website for other heating and plumbing services or to schedule an appointment call (781) 780-3184 or 978-666-4356.