Water Heater

How long will it take my water heater to heat up?

Have you ever ran out of hot water while in the shower? I bet that was not how you thought you were going to start your morning. A cold brisk shower may get your eyes wide open, but it may not put you in the best of mood to tackle your day.

If running out of hot water is a constant threat in your home, I’m sure you have often wondered just how long you will have to wait before feeling secure enough to take a nice long relaxing hot shower.

Electric Water Heater

We cannot live without electric … as least not comfortably. Unfortunately, an electric water heater will take up to 1 hour and 20 minutes to get your hot water tank to full capacity.

Gas Water Heater

Gas ranks first as an energy source for heating water. A gas water heater will have a full 40 gallon tank of hot water ready for you in 40 minutes or less.

Solar Water Heater

Go green with solar power! It will power that solar water heater, but will only heat it as quickly as electric normally would.

Tankless Water Heater

This is the perfect answer for some families, in order to help keep their households running smoothly. A tankless water heater heats the water as you need it. You won’t be waiting for a full tank to heat up before you can take your turn under the showerhead.

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Lynn, MA and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their water heater service and installation.

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How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

Water Heaters! We put them in a corner, decorate around them, hide them in the darkest sections of our homes. We truly do not give them the respect they deserve for providing hot water for our use at the drop of a hat. They are the forgotten appliance in our homes. … at least until they stop working correctly.

How long should it last?
The common tank-style water heater can be expected to last from 8 to 12 years. A more efficient tankless water heater can often times last up to 20 years.

How Can I find out how old it is?
Find the serial number of your water heater, it will begin with a letter and have a 2 digit number. The letter will tell you the month, the 2 digit number the year. A = January, B = February, C = March, D = April, and continues on. B16 would translate to February 2016, C09 would mean March 2009.

When should a water heater be replaced
As your water heater nears the last 2 years of its expected life, it’s a good time to start planning when and with what type you are going to replace it. But if you notice any symptoms before that, you should certainly give us a call. An aging water heater can do more than just stop producing water, it can send leaking water into your house when you least expect it.

Failing Water heater symptoms
Odd Noises – Calcium can build up, harden and form a crust in your water heater. If you have hard water, this can be an especially common issue. That crust will cause your water heater to produce odd banging noises and send ot the alarm that it is time to be replaced.
Rusty Water – Do your own detective work before you call the plumber. Is only the hot water rusty, or is it affecting the cold water as well?
Performance – If you begin to notice that the water isn’t as hot or last as long as it once did, it may be trying to tell you that its age is catching up with it.
Leaking – If water leaks develop around the bottom, check to see if there is a loose connection or if its seems to be leaking from around the bottom. Don’t ignore it! If you can’t solve the leaking, give us a call!

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Lynn and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their water heater repair and installations. If you’d like to find out about the many choices available, check out our coupons and then give us a call for an appointment.

What You Need to Know About High Efficiency Water Heaters

If you are thinking about an upgrade to a high efficiency water heater, think about this. 20% of our home’s utility bill costs come from our hot water heater. We take hot water in our homes for granted, but it does come with a price tag.

Save Money on Hot Water

High efficiency appliances typically come at a higher price, and hot water heaters are no exception. But over time, the extra cost will be returned in what you save on your energy bill.

Go Green

Every bit of energy that we can keep from being wasted is good for our environment. A longer life in our homes also means less waste in our landfills. They are built to be repaired, not simply replaced. With up to 15 year warranties, high efficiency water heaters are built to last.


Maintenance is recommended for all hot water heaters. But a traditional hot water heater is always on duty, and simply has to work harder to provide the same service.

The decision to make the change from a traditional to high efficiency water heater should always be an informed one. Waldman Plumbing can discuss your options with you and suggest a system that we think will fulfill you and your family’s hot water needs.

Waldman Plumbing & Heating has been helping the residents of Marblehead and the North Shore area for over 100 years with their plumbing repairs and installations. If you’d like to discuss your hot water heater options, check out our coupons and then give us a call for an appointment.

Is Your Home Baby & Puppy Proofed for Your Holiday Party in Lynn, MA?

It’s that time of year when holiday cheer encourages us to invite family and friends into our North Shore homes to celebrate. Make sure your home is prepared for curious little fingers and paws who are looking at your home from “the bottom floor”.

Take a moment and look around your home for any of these dangers:

  • Make sure your water heater is set to a safe temperature for small visitors. 120 degrees is the recommended temperature for households, according to the CDC (center for disease control).
  • Many of us have our bathroom and kitchen already childproofed with safety latches. But for those that haven’t needed to, take a look at what may be accessible to small children and their furry friends. Anything that could be harmful to them, move to higher ground.
  • We’re sure that if you have an outdoor pool, you’ve taken all the safety precautions to prevent accidental drowning. But according to the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), toilets should also be given extra attention to prevent  toddlers from falliing in headfirst and drowning.
  • This time of year holiday plants add festive color to our homes. However, did you know that Poinsettia and mistletoe are poisonous to both dogs and cats. Be sure to move them out of reach to avoid a family tragedy.
  • Now that you have that Christmas tree decorated perfectly take another look and see what babies or puppies could reach from the ground. Breakable ornaments and strings of lights could be within their grasp … and don’t forget to move those edible treats of popcorn strings and candy canes.

Make sure your home is safe for “little” guests and the “big” guests will be able to enjoy their evening even more!

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Is a Tankless Hot Water Heater a Better Option for Your Reading MA Home?

Did you know that a conventional hot water heater is the second highest energy guzzling appliance in your home? They can cost up to $800 in energy costs per year in a typical household, especially in areas where utility rates are higher than the national average. Why so high? Conventional tank water heaters use energy to keep water hot in the tank at all times, even if it’s not being used.

During the winter, the need for hot water in your home will naturally increase along with your energy bill! If you’re looking for an energy efficient alternative to a conventional hot water heater, consider investing in a tankless unit. Commonly referred to as on demand water heaters, tankless hot water heaters only heat water when it’s needed rather keeping it stored and constantly heated in a tank. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless hot water heaters can be 24% to 34% more energy efficient for households that use 41 gallons of hot water per day or less.

While the cost and installation of tankless hot water heaters is higher than their conventional counterparts, many homeowners find their benefits and long term well worth the initial investment. Also federal tax rebates on certain models of gas-powered tankless hot water heaters can help to offset these costs.

Aside from energy efficiency, here are a few other tankless hot water heater benefits.

Say goodbye to cold showers

Not having enough hot water is probably one of the most annoying and embarrassing plumbing problems in Reading MA and the North Shore, especially if you have company! Since tankless hot water heaters only heat water when needed, you’ll never have the fear of running out of hot water. This allows you to take a shower, do laundry, and run the dishwasher at the same time, especially with models that have a large output.

Improved water quality

Scale, sediment and even rust can build up on the inside of a conventional tank water heater over time and may impact the quality of the water you use to bathe and cook with. Since there’s no storage tank, you won’t have to worry about this with a tankless hot water heater!

More space

Conventional hot water heaters can take up closet and floor space. Without a tank, tankless hot water heaters are mounted on a wall inside or outside your home depending on the climate, freeing up precious storage space.


With an average life expectancy that’s nearly double that of a conventional hot water heater, tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years and have service warranties between 10 and 15 years.

Still not sure if a tankless hot water heater is right for you? Give us a call and our friendly and experienced plumbers can help you make that decision. Our water heater service can help you find the right option that’s best for your needs!

Should I Buy a New Water Heater or Get a Water Heater Repair in the North Shore?

waldmanJust because your water heater is giving you trouble does not necessarily mean that you need a new one. There are several problems that can develop with water heaters that can be easily fixed by your local plumber. If your water heater is having any of the following problems, be sure to call Waldman Plumbing for water heater service in the North Shore before opting for a whole new unit.

Your water heater is making strange popping noises.
When sediment builds up inside your water heater tank, you may begin to hear some odd noises. Because sediment buildup can cause your water heater to wear out faster and work inefficiently, you’ll want to call your local plumber to flush out the tank.

Your hot water smells bad.
The water inside your water heater tank can become infected with bacteria which create the odor. This unpleasant water odor can usually be taken care of by flushing out the water heater tank or by replacing the anode rod. Avoid issues like this by getting regular water heater maintenance.

There is a water leak.
Overheating water may be released by the relief valve to reduce the pressure in your tank. This problem may be solved by lowering the temperature on the thermostat, and, if necessary, also replacing the relief valve. If the leak is coming from a water connection, a simple repair will usually do the trick. However, if water is leaking out the bottom of the tank because a hole has emerged because of corrosion, it’s most likely time for a water heater replacement.

Your hot water has a rusty color.
Water heaters are equipped with anode rods which dissolve slowly to prevent the development of rust inside the tank. When the rod is depleted, rust begins to form. Your local plumber can replace this anode rod. Sometimes though, extensive water discoloration is a sign that you are in need of a new water heater or new hot water pipes.

The water isn’t hot.
On a gas water heater, you’ll want to see if the pilot light is on. If the pilot is on, you may need to replace the water heater control valve. A pilot light that won’t stay lit is likely a sign of faulty thermocouple. In most cases, when electric water heaters are not producing hot water, the thermostat or upper heating element needs to be replaced.

Our North Shore plumbers can help you to diagnose water heater issues and assist you in determining if a water heater repair is worthwhile or if you should invest in replacement. For water heater service from friendly, reliable plumbers, call Waldman Plumbing! And, if you do need a water heater replacement be sure to check out our valuable water heater installation coupon! 

Do You Have Water Odors Caused By Your Plumbing in the North Shore or Reading?

Portrait of a pretty girl holding two glasses with clean water iDoes your water smell foul? Maybe like rotten eggs? While smelly water might not be physically harmful, it can prevent you from enjoying a tall glass of water or a warm, cleansing shower. Don’t put up with unpleasant water odors another day. It’s time to find out if your home’s plumbing could be causing the issue.

Common Causes of Water Odors in the North Shore & Reading, MA

Water Heaters – The warm environment inside your water heater’s tank could be the perfect breeding ground for sulfur bacteria. To find out if your water heater is the cause of your smelly water, pour a glass of cold and a glass of hot water. Step away from the sink and take a whiff of each glass of water. If you determine that only the hot water has the odor, then your water heater is probably the culprit. There are a few actions you can take including having your local plumber replace your water heater’s magnesium rod, flushing and disinfecting your water heater, or raising the temperature of your water heater temporarily to 160 degrees F to kill the bacteria.

Water Softeners – Like water heaters, water softeners can also suffer from bacteria growth. You can smell the water that comes from your plumbing fixtures that use your water softener and compare it to the water that comes from fixtures that do not. If only your softened water has the odor, it’s time to flush out, clean, and sanitize your water softener.

Drains – Many times people think that their water smells when really the odor is exuding from their drains. If you can take glasses of warm, cold and softened water away from your sinks, and suddenly the water doesn’t smell anymore, then chances are your drains have buildup in them that is causing bacteria to grow. You’ll need to flush and disinfect your drains to put a stop to the bacteria growth.

Our North Shore and Reading plumbers hope that this information will help you find the root cause of unpleasant water odors. Do you want to take it a step further and get healthier, better-tasting water for your household? Consider installing a water filtration system from Waldman Plumbing!


Could Water Heater Insulation near Reading, MA or the North Shore Save You Money this Winter?

Whether you’re looking for ways to save money in 2015 or you’re committed to reducing your negative impact on the environment, insulating your water heater can be a great decision. However, water heater insulation isn’t right for every water heater, so before you begin an insulation project, you’ll want to make sure that it will be worth your time, money, and effort.

Should I insulate my water heater in the North Shore? 

You should insulate your water heater if it has an R-value of less than 24. Not sure of the R-value? No problem, just touch your water heater tank with your hand. Is it hot? If so, it will benefit from insulation.

Note: Newer water heaters have all the insulation that they need, and it won’t behoove you to add more.

How much money will I save on energy by insulating my water heater?

The amount of money you can save by insulating your water heater varies, but it’s likely that you’ll save 4%-9% on water heating costs each year. Usually a pre-cut water heater jacket or blanket costs around $20 and you should make up for that investment in savings in the first year.

Note: Don’t cover any of the following while insulating your water heater: the vent on top of gas water heaters, warning labels, the control panel, bottom air inlets, or the pressure relief valve.

My water heater is getting old, should I just purchase a new water heater instead?

Water heaters typically last around 8 to 15 years. If your water heater is old and inefficient, insulation can only take you so far. If your water heater is nearing the end of its life expectancy it’s wise to purchase a new water heater so that you don’t have to deal with a breakdown and the inconvenience of not having any hot water. At Waldman Plumbing, we install a variety of water heaters, including tankless water heaters in the North Shore,  Reading MA and the surrounding areas, and we’d be happy to help you find and install the one that would be perfect for your home! Just give our plumbers a call today!

Get Hot Water Right When You Need It

Tankless Water HeaterHave you ever been enjoying a nice, hot shower when suddenly the water turned ice cold? If so, you were probably using a shower that was connected to a storage water heater. While newer model houses sometimes have energy-efficient tankless heaters that provide instantaneous hot water, many older houses still use storage water heaters. At Waldman Plumbing and Heating, we talk to many customers about the differences between these two types of water heaters. If you’re considering switching water heaters or want to upgrade to a tankless heater, it’s important to know what’s involved.

Storage water heaters generally store 20 to 120 gallons of water at a time and consistently heat the water with an electric or gas heaters. Although the tank walls are insulated, storage water heaters still constantly lose heat through their walls. This results in a huge energy loss over time.

When you use a storage water heater to heat a shower, you slowly run out of the hot water supply. The storage water heater does not have the capacity to immediately reheat the water in time for the shower, which is why sometimes if multiple people are trying to access the hot water supply, it runs out.

Pro Tip: On a storage water heater, the first-hour rating explains how many gallons of hot water can be used per hour.

In contrast, tankless water heaters provide constant hot water by heating the water when you need it. This saves energy because you are not needlessly heating water when no one is using it. This also save energy because you do not lose standby heat through the tank walls or lose energy when the water heater isn’t operating.

Tankless water heaters are an energy-efficient alternative to storage water heaters. Although they are more expensive initially, you earn back the money on energy and water bills over time. Additionally, you can always be sure you will have hot water when you need it.

If you’re interested in installing a tankless or storage water heater or need a quality Boxford plumber for water heater repair, call Waldman Plumbing and Heating at (781) 780-3184 today. Our experts can provide you with information on plumbing and heating maintenance, care, and repair.

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Lynnfield

It’s a fact of modern life that you cannot have the convenience of hot water on tap without a working water heater. These heaters require regular maintenance and occasional replacement. When it comes time for water heater installation in Lynnfield, call our experts at Waldman Plumbing and Heating. We can install, service, or repair a variety of different types of water heater. No matter the type of water heater you have, service or replacement is just a call away.

Many people still have traditional water heaters. Consisting of a large tank filled with water that is constantly heated, these are notorious for being inefficient. More efficient alternatives are available, some of which can only be purchased from a plumbing company, like us at Waldman Plumbing and Heating.

Standard water heaters have to work consistently to keep water in the tank at the set temperature. The larger the tank, the more often the heater has to use energy to heat the water. If your old tank heater is leaky, does not heat water as hot, or does not recover as quickly, it may be time for a new model. At Waldman, we have a variety of options for you to replace your old heater with. These include tankless and hybrid water heaters, which moves water throughout the tank for greater efficiency.

Tankless water heaters are the latest rage, for good reason. These small units do not have a holding tank. Cold water moves through the tank and picks up heat from the heating elements, leaving as hot water. These produce hot water faster and in larger quantities than tank heaters, and they last twice as long.

If you want a new tankless water heater, you need a Lynnfield plumber you can trust. At Waldman Plumbing and Heating, we professionally install new or replace old water heaters with your choice of tankless, hybrid, or traditional. To get hot water flowing back through your home again, call us at (781) 780-3184 or 978-666-4356.