The Benefits of Water Filters in Reading, MA & the North Shore over Bottled Water

Environment PollutionThe bottled water industry has been fooling consumers into believing that tap water is inferior. Just because the water from your kitchen faucet in Reading, MA isn’t sourced from a “sparkling mountain spring” doesn’t make it any less clean and safe to drink. Both bottled water and municipal water are subject to testing and must meet strict standards for quality. So why waste money on bottled water if there is nothing wrong with your far cheaper tap water? Some residents choose to purchase bottled water because they feel it tastes better. Others buy water bottles because it gives them added peace of mind. At Waldman Plumbing, we believe in the safety of our municipal water supply and encourage our customers to take advantage of their tap water with the help of a water filtration system. 

Benefits of Using a Water Filtration System Instead of Buying Bottled Water

  • A water filtration system can save you money in the long run. You’ll no longer need to buy bottled water week after week.
  • Your water will taste great straight from your plumbing fixtures.
  • Drinking tap water will help to reduce your negative impact on the environment.
  • You won’t have to lug cases of bottled water into your home and have a place set aside to store them.
  • You can enjoy your tap water on the go by opting for a reusable water bottle.

Our plumbers understand residents’ concerns about water quality, but buying bottled water is not the answer. While bottled water is absolutely necessary in many undeveloped countries, the majority of time it is used in the United States it is an unnecessary expense that comes along with environmental consequences. Take advantage of the luxury that you have been afforded—safe, inexpensive, drinkable water—by calling Waldman Plumbing today for water filtration system installation in Reading, MA! 

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